Charge Your PDA with a Flashlight

Originally posted on the Gadget Panel

A while back, I wrote about a flashlight that can charge a cell phone. I got one for everyone in my family. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a car. It’s bright, has a swivel head, and requires no batteries. You simple charge it with the pull of a string. Talking with people on movie and television sets, it is perfect for that line of work too. Having a portable, rechargeable power source and light is great for anyone on set.

My only problem was that the device did not come with an adapter that would charge my Pocket PC (which I’m not a huge fan of anyway). However, my Pocket PC charges via USB anyway. So many devices charge via USB, so it would be nice to have a portable USB charger. Alan Parekh from Hacked Gadgets, posted a blog about building a charger for his old iPod Shuffle. Brilliant!

Today, someone dropped off a series of adapters that can be used with the Zipping Flashlight. I got to charge my cell phone!

Where can you buy the adapters? I think Radio Shack, but I’ll find out and post later. You can get the flashlight at Gadget Universe. There is another product similar to it, but I’ve never used it. You can find it on Froogle.

You can read other blogs about the flashlight here: | The Goat
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