Allergies of epic proportion

Originally posted on The Gadget Panel

Yesterday, I posted about the Natural Product Expo West and mentioned the Think Products Fashion show. I finally got around to uploading some of the videos. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I want to share with you an allergy experience of epic proportions. I was helping a friend with her job application yesterday. She’s applying for a full-time position at a college, and there is a lot to put together for the application. I offered to assist her in putting everything together, proofing the documents, etc.

She has a cat, and while I am typically not bad with cats… Well, as I was sitting there reading her resume, my eyes started to well up. My throat began to tighten up. It was one of the most intense allergy attacks I’ve ever had. I could feel myself going downhill fast. Sinus Buster to the rescue. I has picked up a bottle of this homeopathic nasal spray while at the Natural Product Expo earlier in the day. I’ll admit that it was a punch at first. I was stunned! But within minutes, I was completely cleared up! My eyes stopped itching. My throat went back to normal. Sinus Buster definitely did the job.

They even had a Stop Smoking formula… Maybe I’ll get that for this same friend who I was helping with her job application. She’s been looking for something to help her stop smoking for a while.

Here are a couple samples of the fun to be had at the show (more will be available at my wordpress blog shortly)… Enjoy

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