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Shawn Hatosy with the Home Theater WatchI’m not sure if he’s going to be watching himself in Alpha Dog, but Shawn Hatosy was very delighted to pick up a Mp3/4 Player Watch at the GBK Oscar Gift Suite this year. He actually picked up the very last one at the charity gift event.

Billy Wirth with the Home Theater Watch

He wasn’t the only celebrity who couldn’t keeps his eyes off of the watch that is like an iPod for your wrist. Billy Wirth (who’s been in many things since The Lost Boys) had to have one before he left the room.

Danielle Fishel at GBK Oscar Event photo by Mathew ImagingJoel Moore, from Dodgeball and the upcoming Hottie and the Nottie (starring my favorite mind reader, Christine Lakin), snagged one before it was too late. After my failed attempt to get him to flirt with a girl in the room while his girlfriend listened to the whole thing in the other room on remote recording device, he had to see what other goodies were available. The MP3/4 Player Watch jumped out at him. In fact, he was the one who said, “It’s like an iPod on your wrist!”

I was going to give one to Danielle Fishel from the Tyra Banks so, but she was in and out of there in a flash! It’s those crazy doggie boom boxes that fetched all the attention. Maybe next time 🙂

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