Is a Natural Product a Gadget?

Original Post from The Gadget Panel

What is a natural product? Well, the folks at Expo West can tell you. I was invited to the Natural Product Expo in Anaheim, CA this weekend by my friend, and fellow Gadget Panelist, Jeffrey Schiller.
We had a great time looking at cool food, products, and… well, we went
to a fashion show (second one in as many weeks) as well (pictures to
come on my wordpress blog).
I learned a lot about some of the amazing conventions that Jeff has put
on in the past. I hope soon that we’ll be seeing some of them again
soon!One of the things that I was thinking about was whether I was
going to find a cool “product” or not. See, most of the stuff at the
Natural Product Expo is food related. Now, I could write about the
chocolate… mmmm, chocolate… for ages. In fact, I could have an entire
publication to chocolate. Wait! There IS a magazine dedicated to Chocolate!

Shower Filter

I found some really cool products there. For example, there is this
shower filter that de-chlorinates your water. This means that I’m not
going to get prune hands from being in the shower, and hopefully it
will help my itchy scalp. Maybe I’ll even grow some hair back (crossing
fingers). My concern was that the water pressure was going to get
squashed when I installed it. Well, no problem there! Checkout the

Where can you get one? Well, that was the only problem I was having
at this expo. Most of the companies there only sell wholesale. However,
some quick sleuthing brought me to the product on Amazon. 40 bucks is a nice price for this product.

There were a few more non-food innovations that I’m going to write
about later. I’m even going to setup an interview with the founder of
the Fartless Factory
(yes, the Old Fart himself). Yes, he doesn’t have much of a website,
but I guarantee you will get a chuckle and maybe find yourself some
sixteen bean chili that won’t make you blow a gasket in his online catalog.

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  1. I was at the show, too. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. Really enjoyed Eric Schlosser, the Fast Food Nation guy.

    Here are some of my observations of the exhibitors themselves – I’d be interested to see if you had similar experiences.

  2. Being an passionate chocolate lover, I can hardly believe that someone can mistake a new chocolate product for being a gadget. Hmmm…I wonder what MXI Xocai would think if someone called their new high antioxidant double chocolate chip cookie a “gadget” instead of the new “superfood” since it has an antioxidant ORAC value of 11,115!

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