One of the coolest blogs I’ve read about Dance

I love dance. It doesn’t matter whether it is partnered dance, danceteams, solos… I love it all. This person in Singapore posted on one ofmy blogs about my dance charity. I checked out their blog and found one of the best blogs about dance I have ever read:

Another Life Lesson learnt in Jazz class

I’m lovin’ it! 😀 Blogs are a great way to share and contribute!

Checkout their about page:
Set with a powerful personal mission to positively impact more than10,000,000 lives through dance, I’m beginning a deeper exploration intothe world of dance, and in the process of aligning more of my life todance.


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  1. Hey Jared, thanks for the huge compliment on my blog (it’s a solo blog)! So can I include you as one whom I’ve positively impacted through dance? I intend to really keep track, hehe. 🙂

  2. Absolutely. I look forward to reading and seeing how things go for you!

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