I stumbled across an advertisement I just couldn’t resist while on Hacked Gadgets reading about a Battery Free Flashlight and Power source! This advertisement was for a website: www.beinamovie.com

What really caught my eye about this ad was not that I had a chance to be in a movie but that Woody Harrelson was going to be in the movie. I haven’t seen him in much these days, but I also remembered a time when I was in Boy Scouts and we were working on a house in Beverly Hills. The project was to help raise money for our upcoming summer camping trip. The house had just been remodeled, and we were to remove all the garbage.

We did remove all the garbage, and the Scout Master noticed that Richard Grieco and Woody Harrelson were playing basketball on the court at the house. So, he asked them if they would be willing to take a photo with us. Good times!

Anyway, go take a chance at being in a movie: BE IN A MOVIE : SIGN UP TO BE IN THE FILM SEMI PRO

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