Did I Give Keith Robinson the Watch he Wore During his Oscar Performance?

Is Keith Robinson Wearing the Steinhausen I gave him?Original Post at the Gadget Panel

First things first… Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson on winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She was so adorable when she won.

Then there was the Dreamgirls performance. It was a great performance. I couldn’t wait to see it because just two days earlier I had a chance to meet Keith Robinson at the GBK Oscar gift party. It is always great to get for me to get to see someone I’ve met perform. There is a special added value to it for me.

I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw the performance. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was I just wanting to see what I wanted to see? Well, what did I want to see anyway? It never would have occurred to me in my wildest dreams to be thinking was I was thinking at that moment.

Yes, I was thinking, this is a great performance. However, I couldn’t wait for the camera to cut back to a shot of Keith so I could see what watch he was wearing. The lighting was not the best for showing off a watch, but that beautiful watch captured every speck of light magnificently. Could it be?

Rewind to two days earlier. It’s Friday evening. I’m showcasing the greatest gadgets in the world to countless celebrities at the GBK Celebrity gift event. In walks Keith Robinson. He’s wearing a white jump suit with brilliant red stripes. “This man deserves a luxury watch,” I think to myself. I pull open the Steinhausen Marquise (featured in Skymall) with alligator band and ask him if he’d like to try it on. I explain that the watch requires no batteries (a benefit to the environment for those who weren’t surprised when “An Inconvenient Truth” won best song).

It goes with the Red... Keith agreesHe places the Marquise on his wrist and looks at it. It’s a good looking watch. Shawn, the camera man, stars shooting pictures. I mention that the red band looks good with the red stripes on the suit. “The red band does work with the suit,” Mr. Robinson replies. I explain that the Marquise comes with a second band in black if he is going to be wearing a dark suit.

Fast forward back to Sunday night at the Oscars. Here comes Keith Robinson to center stage, left hand holding the mic to his face. “Patience little sister…” WAIT! Is that the same Steinhausen Marquise I had given him on Friday? It is unmistakably gold. His watch clearly has a black band, but remember that the Marquise I gave him came with second band in black. Show him again! I need to figure out if that is the Steinhausen Marquise. The camera only gave fleeting glimpses of Keith Robinson and his watch.

Today, I found the following youtube video of the Dreamgirls performance on dreamgirlsfans.blogspot.com

I’ve watched the part where it is the closeup on him and that beautiful watch. From what I can tell is was not the Steinhausen that I gave him on Friday. The Steinhausen Marquise has an unmistakable case which has the leather strap wrapping around the prong in the middle where the pin holds the two together. The watch that Mr. Robinson was wearing had two prongs on the outside of the strap.

Oh well. It would have been cool to have given an Academy Award Nominee the watch he wore during a performance on the show, but I will just have to settle for having given a great singer a beautiful watch that I’m sure he will enjoy for years to come. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him wearing it on another show soon!

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