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Click here for DetailsI spent the bulk of today at the GBK Oscar event. Got to rub shoulders with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules and Andromeda) at the beginning of the day. He loved the iPlatform and the Steinhausen Marquise.

There was a bit of a dry spell for most of the rest of the day. April SocttThen, April Scott, the new and improved Daisy Duke, was trying on Steinhausen watches and testing out the iPlatform from Gadget Universe. Pictures to come later!

Danielle Fishel (Topanga from “Boy Meets World” and corespondent for the Tyra Banks Show) stopped by the room to checkout the doggie boom boxes.

There were a few other models who stopped by the room. The question is… Who’s going to show up tomorrow? There were a number of celebrities who showed up to the event that never made it down to the room we were in. Towards the end of the night, we heard a rumor that Andy Dick was going to be coming by. But he never showed up. Stiffed by the Dick, what can I say? LOL Of course, I am just kidding. All of the celebrities at the event were very gracious, and it was great to get to showcase some cool products to them.

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