Put down the spam and step away from the email

It was just a few weeks ago that I first encountered the Spam Arrest Service. Today… I got a dose of it again. I was sending an email to a bunch of people on the Los Angeles team for the Team Management Leadership Program I am in at Landmark Education. There is a national classroom this weekend in Chicago, and I wanted to acknowledge all of them for the extraordinary people they have been over the last three months.

Particularly, I was pointing out that there is no coincidence between the recent Oprah show (which tapes in Chicago) covering “The Secret” and the arrive of about 700 people who are up to causing a world of peace that works for everyone. Furthermore, Rev. Beckwith and James Arthur Ray are invited back for another taping of Oprah this coming week.

I received an immediate reply from one of the people on the team. It was from Spam Arrest.

Spam Arrest – How it works – Step 1. Easy to Use

Very cool service. I must admit that I don’t use it myself, but for people who are getting spammed like crazy, it’s a great idea!

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