Get Some Bawls

I visited a company today that does product placement in television, radio, and movies. It was great. I showed them a bunch of products, and they were excited about them. One of the people from an upcoming film came by their office looking for more new product placements.

Before this happened though, I was sitting in the office and they asked me if I wanted something to drink. I told them that water would be fine. Then they asked me, “Would you like some balls?”

“That’s rather forward,” I thought to myself. I just had to clarify, “Did you say balls?”

“Yes. Do you like energy drinks?”

“Well, kinda. Wait, you realize that you said balls, right?” I just had to be extra certain.

“Alexis will bring you some balls.”

So, I waited for about 20 seconds while Alexis went and got my balls. She comes walking back into the office with my balls in her hand. Oh, wait! Bawls. As in the energy drink.

I start drinking my Bawls. It tastes great! I was expecting that nasty Red Bull taste. You know, that cough syrup taste that we’ve all come to know and dread? Here I am a few hours later… I’m still buzzing on this thing. Can you call this a gadget? Not really, but Bawls is an extremely tasty energy drink that gives you a kick… Well, not in the balls.


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  1. Becky


  2. Damn I had one at around 3 and I’m really wired these taste sort of like a pear soda which is awesome. Recommend to everyone “Go out and Get Some Bawl’s People”


  3. ken

    I put a bottle of Bawls next to my Nintendo Wii. It’s a great conversation piece.

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