So Much for Marty Ball

The latest news from the San Diego Chargers: – San Diego Chargers Team News

Marty ball is over. Schottenheimer is a great regular season coach. They guy is a wild success. The Chargers were the best team in football in 2006, with a 14-2 record. Yet, the Patriots (who the Chargers leveled during the previous season) waltzed into San Diego and handed the Chargers their first at-home loss of the 2006 season.

Many people were stunned by the outcome of the game. The Chargers definitely had several chances to win the game. They certainly didn’t play the cleanest game of the season, but they could have easily won. What happened?

Marty ball. That’s what happened. In the last 8 seconds of the game, they attempted a field goal. Rather than popping the ball down the sideline for another 5-6 yards and giving Kaeting a chance… The reality of football is that you only need one second on the clock in order to run the final play of the game. If it takes you a month to get the kick into the air, it doesn’t matter, you still get to run the play.

But I digress. Marty is a poor coach in the playoffs. He had the best team in the league. They could have and should have won. But it was Marty ball. Some people might be upset about the departure of Marty Schottenheimer from San Diego. I am embracing it! Perhaps season ticket prices will come down 😀

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