How is Youtube going to handle material that violates copyright laws? Aren’t they going to get sued for millions, making it a horrible decision for Google? The answer is in the name: YOUtube!

The latest in the battle of arrogant media companies vs. Youtube: Viacom demands removal of content from Youtube. Companies like Viacom are so arrogant that they think their material is the whole reason that Youtube is so popular. This is a radically different approach from that CBS (remember CBS and Viacome used to be the same company until they had a violent split?) deal with Youtube. I can’t help but wonder if the folks at Viacom are more interested in making CBS wrong for their deal with Youtube than actually protecting the copyrights of their material. I digress.

The following statement from a Youtube representative was perfect:

“It’s unfortunate that Viacom will no longer be able to benefit from YouTube’s passionate audience, which has helped to promote many of Viacom’s shows,” a YouTube representative wrote in an email statement.

After demands by Viacom, YouTube says it will remove video clips – MarketWatch

Back to the issue at hand… Here it is Youtubers. We get a chance to have a profound impact on how the world of online media is going to be. We can let companies like Viacom claim that their material is more important and entertaining than the skateboarding dog and the Will it Blend? guy, or we can stand for the freedom of entertainment.

What’s at stake here is our entertainment. Viacom is supposed to be entertaining us. They are supposed to entertain us with great music, movies, television shows, etc. They make money from entertaining us. They should see Youtube as an opportunity for them to gain more eyeballs for their shows. But they are choosing to try to control and dominate.

It’s all about the YOU in Youtube. Want to find out how powerful your voice is in the world? Unite with everyone from Youtube and stop watching any entertainment from Viacom:

Comedy Central
MTV Networks
TV Land

Did I miss any?

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  1. I like and agree with your point. The only problem is that the networks run a huge monopoly and have huge corporations behind them. If Google does not grease the right hairy palm they will have huge problems. Besides I like the user created content better anyways.

  2. John

    Does Youtube really even need Viacom?

    Its not just youtube whose traffic is surging. Many of the video content websites have experienced an upswing. It’s interesting to read that Youtube’s early february traffic was greater than the combined traffic of all the network websites.

    Youtube clones like are also benefiting from the increased attention paid to these type sites. Interestingly there are even youtube-type free porn videos sites like (NSFW) that have popped up to take advantage of this phenomenon.

    We can probably expect the big network websites to offer even more vidoes to try to compete in the future.

  3. Carlos the Jackal

    How about watching these networks to see who their commercial sponsors are, and inform those corporations that we are boycotting their products as a result of Viacoms lawsuit?

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