Stop! Or my SPAM will shoot

I was looking for contributors to the Gadget Panel website when I stumbled across a cool tech blogger. I decided to contact him, so I found the email address and sent him an email. I received an immediate reply stating that I needed to verify that I was a human. This wasn’t just an email notifying me that my email was suspected to be spam. It was actually something useful.

The email required me to click a link that took me to the Spam Arrest website. Once there, I needed to perform a CAPTCHA verification. Then my email was delivered to the recipient. What a great system!

If you are curious about this service (I was), click on the link below to read about how it works.

Spam Arrest – How it works – Step 1. Easy to Use

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  1. LOL It’s sort of like my personal ball washer system. I love it.

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