Fall in love with the Gravity Defyer Shoes

The Gravity Defyer Shoes are a hot item. They were a huge hit when they debuted at the 2007 CES. Yes, shoes made their debut at the largest consumer electronics show. A crazy idea, but it actually makes sense, given the amount of time people spend on their feet.

I love these shoes. I wear them to work every day. The first time I realized how comfortable they are is when I decided to wear another pair of shoes to work. Um, that didn’t work out very well. Gimme my GDS! I’ve given about a dozen pairs of these shoes to my friends who have complained about shoe comfort. Even the pickiest of friends had something good to say about the comfort.

See what people said about the shoes at the CES as well as what other bloggers and reporters have to say around the web:

Read what GUTTERBOY said (humorous)
Read what turboGADGETS said
California Newswire
The Red Ferret says they “are straight off the ‘what the…?’ banana boat LOL
Investor’s Business Daily
Nothing to do with Arbroath
Dr. Joe Vitale has many good things to say not just about the shoes
The Gravity Defyer Shoes are wishlisted by someone on TheThingsIWant.com. Perhaps I’ll send him a pair 😀
CrunchGear had their hopes up about defying gravity
MondoShoes had something to say too
Yahoo! Finance published the press release
Can you Digg it?
They even love it in India
The Ventury County Star picked up on the hot news!
So did the Dallas Morning News
Even EARTHtimes.org got in on the action

See the reactions from people at CES for yourself!

Comfy shoooooes 😀

Gravity Defyer Shoes

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  1. ken

    Wow awesome compilation and some kind words from everyone. Great work AIW 😀

  2. Any one know of a store(s) where these shoes can be purchased in the Rochester, New York area???
    ( Or

  3. Any one know of any store(s) where the GRAVITY DEFYER SHOES can be purchased in Rochester,Syracuse or Buffalo,New York or New York City???Toronto? Thanks Julian

  4. I don’t know of any stores where you can try them on first. I know that SkyMall and Gadget Universe offer a deal where you can exchange them for the right size if they don’t fit correctly. That might be worth checking out because these shoes are very comfortable.

  5. Try this one dude, http://www.thehotshoestore.com.

  6. Judy

    These shoes are all over the internet, but I’m looking for a way to contact the manufacturer…anyone know? I want to lobby for a woman’s shoe. All the coil-heel women’s shoes have the coil exposed..very strange looking.

  7. Jason Timmermans

    I received a pair of gravity defyer sport shoes and am THOROUGHLY disappointed. The shoes fell far short of the outrageous claims made by the retailer. Sure, the heel bed is comfy, but not $130 comfy. The toe is way too narrow and chafes my toes. The insole stains my socks red and black. I do not feel like a “kangaroo” or “flying” and indeed, there is no upward push that the shoes exert on the feet. The pressure valve is too small and creates a tea-kettle effect, causing the shoes to whistle with each step. In short, they are nothing but an over-priced gimmick. Furthermore, I have never seen such poor, shoddy customer service as I have seen at gadgetuniverse. Zero stars.

  8. Edie Fournier

    I have wide feet and wear size 8. If I order this shoe will it be wide enough or high enough over the top of the instep or should I order a larger size? I do want to order the ladies shoe – the Clair Womens in black or is there another style that runs wider?

  9. Edie Fournier: I’d call them to make sure (800-429-0039). The first round of the Men’s shoes ran a little big and that was fixed. Not having a need to wear the women’s shoes, I wouldn’t know 😛

  10. Sean

    Does anyone have any similar problems to Jason Timmermans?

  11. Em2

    Free shipping my arse!! So I just returned the shoes because I did not feel comfortable in them. Received a charge that I did not understand, called customer service, and wasn’t treated well at all. After not being really sure about why I was charged STILL, she practically hung up on me!!! I was extremely irritated! I say do NOT buy shoes from this company if you don’t want to hassle with the POOR customer service and deal with *mystery* charges. Had to pay 30+ for shipping because I “did not like the shoe” SCREW that company, do NOT buy them!!!!!

  12. mens shoes are always heavier and buliker in design compared to womens shoes,,`

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