First blog of 2007

Four days into 2007 and I finally have time to sit down a post a blog. Okay, I’m actually lying in bed right now. Gotta love the wireless Internet!

This means that 2007 has been rather action packed for me already. Developed a new website for a dance teacher. It’s not quite ready for launch, but it will be live by this coming Monday. It is a revolutionary website when it comes to dance instructor websites. Web 2.0 here we come.

Last night, I was speaking with my friend Michael J. Herman about my gadget panel idea. I’ve been trying to think of people I can have on the panel who would be interested in contributing and who would benefit from being on the panel. Suddenly, I’m on a three way call with a new radio show host in Los Angeles talking about the gadget panel. Pretty wickedly sweet stuff. More to come on that as things get flattened out.

The best part of the new year has got to be the marketing plan that I’m putting together for Alexander Innovation Wizard. While I can hardly agree with the artistic choices being made so far, I do get to make the video myself. I spent the first two work days on the new year in the editing room. The videographer handed me a CD of some music we can put into the video. I sifted through about 40 songs when suddenly!!! It’s perfect. The song goes just right with the animation in the introduction.

Amazingly enough, we were able to create 20 minutes worth of video out of just 32 minutes of shooting! It’s going to be entertaining for everyone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. As soon as I have a chance to rip the DVD that gets created, pieces of it will definitely wind up on youtube. Then I’ll have to rip the blooper. Funny stuff, I tell ya.

Happy New Year

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  1. alex

    can u say somthing good about the wizard?

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