Myspace on Everyone’s Cellphone Except Mine

So, I’m digging through the newswire this evening when I stumble across the Tech & Science section of Reuters… Cingular to offer MySpace on cellphones

I’m thinking, “Yet again, my friggin Verizon wireless is not offering a cool service.” I remember the days when I had some cool things on my phone. It was great! That feeling of new. Now that my phone has had enough memory leaks that I think it is physically injured, I’m sitting here wishing that Verizon was offering up a new every 1 plan. But I’ll have to rant on this at a later date.

Meanwhile, back to myspace, I continue reading the press release: “Users will need to download a Java software app…” Dear LORD! Do they still use that Java nonsense? My friend, Benana has Cingular. I can’t wait to see how those Myspace Error messages look on his phone 😀

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