Brett Favre Scores NFL Record

Announcers Joe and Hal are announcing the Green Bay Packers vs. the Detroit Lions earlier today on KRSV in Minnesota…

Joe: It’s late in the third quarter. The Lions and Packers are playing cat and mouse with the touchdown concept. Green Bay leads 10-6. Detroit has just received the ball after a 51 yard punt by Packers’ kicker Ryan

Hal: Kitna steps up. It’s intercepted! Woodson has intercepted. He’s going back. It looks like Kitna is going to get him.

Joe: Flag on the play.

Hal: Looks like Kitna got some facemask on that one.

Joe: So, not only does Woodsong return the interception for 18 yards, but Kitna is also slapped with a 15 yard face mask penalty

Hal: The Packers line up on the Detroit 12

Joe: Brett Favre is on the verge of NFL history. He is just one completion away from setting the NFL all-time pass complete record.

Hal: Favre, back to pass, incomplete. Second and 10 from the 12

Joe: It’s pretty clear the Packers are going for a Favre record here

Hal: Favre back to pass again. Incomplete. Third and 10 from the 12.

Joe: Perhaps third time is a charm!

Hal: Favre back to pass… he connects with Paris Lenon in the end zone with 1:36 left in the 3rd quarter! Oh my god! We are witnessing NFL history in the making! WOW!

Joe: Favre has just become the all-time leader in pass completions! What a pass! What a completion! Brett Favre has just passed Dan Marino for the all-time completion record. Oh, wait…

Hal: Is there a flag on the play?

Joe: No. I just looked at the roster chart. Lenon plays for the Detroit Lions. So does that still count as the record breaker?

Hal: The stats team in the booth just informed me that if we were to exclude Favre interceptions from his statistics, Brett Favre has only completed 5 passes in his entire NFL career.

… Anyway. Congratulations to Brett Favre for pulling a Dan Marino and setting another NFL record at the lowest point of his career. But, hey! At least Favre has a ring. – Detroit at Green Bay Game Recap

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  1. Okay, since this whole Brett Favre / Jenn Sterger thing broke out, I keep thinking of that scene in the movie Porky’s… The one where the boys are in the principle’s office while Ms. Ballbreaker is describing the “tallywhacker” she saw in the girl’s shower, insisting that the principle have a lineup of all the boys so she can identify the offender.

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