Sexy Technology. What’s not to love?

Adrianne Curry has always been one of my favorite reality TV stars. She was great on “America’s Next Top Model“. She was great on VH1‘s washed up celebrity TV show “The Surreal Life” where she met now husband Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady). She was great on their TV show “My Fair Brady“, where she worked on convincing Knight that he should marry her.

There is just something I really enjoy about someone who is being herself on television. Whether you like her attitude or not (I personally love her personality), Adrianne Curry is as real as they come. If memory serves me correctly, she was working at a restaurant when she was accepted to compete on America’s Next Top Model.

Now, this beauty has made her contribution to technology, and us geeks are all the happier that she has. The NVIDIA processor utilized Adrianne Curry to help showcase what I’m sure we all agree with is an excellent ability to render curves and details. And what an excellent job the graphics processor has done with representing such a natural beauty.



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