‘Tis the season for some news about Christianity. I was reading an article on CNN about the son of Jim Bakker (remember that swindler?)

I saw an ad on the side of the page with the headline: Davidic Christianity Christian Polygamy. The text ad read: Davidic Christianity seeks to fulfill the prophecy of Amos 9: 11-12 by… Perhaps it was my red-blooded American curiosity that got me clicking. I mean, David was hooking it up.

Now, typically, I don’t blog, bulletin, or otherwise comment on material that I don’t want to promote. After all, all press is good press. On top of this, I suspect that the folks at House of David Ministries paid good money for their ad on CNN. I’m now giving them additional value for their spend on CNN. But the message they are trying to convey is of great importance.

The folks at House of David Ministries claim that they are trying to convey a message of God. Please, by all means, read the article they have crafted about Biblical Marriage. This is slick idea! Hell, if God supports polygamy, I’m all for it. Any man stupid enough to try to take on fulfilling the needs of more than one woman deserves what he’s going to get. Then again, the “Biblical” concept of marriage is the transfer of ownership of the bride from her father to her husband. So, I suppose that there’s not a whole lot of focus on fulfilling any of her needs when it comes to “Biblical” marriage.

My personal favorite is the Conclusions section. Honestly, this is a rather well written article. Yes, it is filled with authentic Biblical gibberish. Yes, it is entirely too long for anyone in their right mind to read in a single sitting. In fact, I encourage you to read it over several bathroom visits. There are plenty of Bible quotes that truly prove that either (1) polygamy is established through the word of God to be not just acceptable but honorable *OR* (2) parts of the Bible can be used to support any idea someone can come up with.

Read Conclusion #8. The first 8, please, not the second. At the time I wrote this, there were two 8’s. Will the House of David Ministries change it by the time you read this? I’m not sure. I suppose it depends on how many people waste their time reading my blogs 😀

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  1. Jared,
    Thank you for your comments. I did not pay CNN for any ad and frankly I have no idea of how it made CNN. I am a Davidic Christian and I do believe in prophecy and its fulfilment. I am no weirdo. I have 2 MS degrees and am a geophysicist by profession. Everyone is free to check out the material for themselves and come to their own conclusions. I will check out the conclusions section and fix the “8” error.

    Thanks and have a good day.


  2. My Dear Beloved Rev.Charlie Baynes in Christ Jesus,
    Greetings to you in his most trusted name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    I am pleased to introduce to you as Pastor. B. Shanthi Paul, serving the lord for the last 9 years in coastal area of Andhra Pradesh state (S. India) and its surrounding villages and I have been ministering in 6 churches with 5 co-pastors who are young, anointed and dedicated to the service of God.
    Ours is an independent ministry serving the lord with utmost faith only and there is no help and support from within abroad.
    God made a miracle in my life when I came to see your website, I was thrilled to note the activities of your ministry that touched my heart greatly.
    You are well aware the dreadful tsunami that hit coastal belt in 2004 during which time some of our church members reached the heavenly abode leaving their children Orphans. Keeping in view of the misery, we have taken in adoption 15 tsunami Orphan children according to James 1:27 and providing food, clothing, education and all accommodation at free of cost.
    Part of our work we visit villages, knock door-to-door, distribute pamphlets, tracts and bible material, pray for the sick and needy and conduct rural village Gospel meetings, win their souls and leading them to the kingdom of God.
    I was encouraged after having gone through your Id& website and decided to work with your ministry and in your fellowship.
    On my behalf, on behalf of our co-pastors, church elders, Orphan children and saints, I inviting you to visit India in the year 2008 to minister with us as we are much interested to see you in person, to have you in our midst and conduct crusade meetings, pastors’ seminar and village Outreach ministry and to win many a perishing souls to add to his kingdom and request you to join in prayer with us.
    We were all praying for you daily in our personal, family and church prayers and request you to continue to pray for us, for our ministry and for our invitation to you to visit India to ministry with us in 2008.
    With much love in Christ Jesus,
    I look to receive your mail soon,
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Pastor B Shanthi Paul.

  3. I am very delighted to know that my article sparked some interest and that people were helped. I would like to have the email address of Pastor B Shanthi Paul please. I believe that by faith I would be able to visit India and meet him and share the Word of God in his churches. I lost the website House of David ministries because Yahoo refused to accept non-US credit card payment for the site. I am developing a new site at http://www.davidicchristianity.com and it should be fully functional by the end of September 2008.

    Have a blessed day
    Have faith or have nothing!

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