The Godzilla Building

When I was a kid, the Godzilla movies were some of my favorite. In my young age, I didn’t notice things like a zipper in the front of the Godzilla suit. My imagination was wild, and I really thought that Godzilla existed over in some foreign land where everyone ran around with an early Beatles haircut. Of course, I would catch only the latter part of the film, so I wasn’t aware that Godzilla movies had plots. Although, now that I think about it, I’m still not sure if they have a plot.

Anyway, when my friend Keen sent me the Ironic Sans blog about a building in the shape of Godzilla, I nearly died laughing. Yet, this is actually a brilliant idea. Mr/s. Ironic Sans has really thought this through, from the apartments above Godzilla’s nipple to the fountain in the shape of Godzilla’s footprint. Something I think would be a great addition to the fictitious building would be an elevator on the front of Godzilla in the shape of a zipper!

Ironic Sans: Idea: A building shaped like Godzilla

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  1. ken

    I couldn’t resist.

    (mouth moving) ….. Oh my god Look! It’s Godzilla! …. (mouth stop)


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