Kiwi Ambition

The symbolism of this movie is incredible. While cute and innocent, the kiwi is not immune to the trappings of desire and want. Please watch this Kiwi animation

Kiwi! »

A few questions are raised by this short film. First, how far is one willing to go in order to have what is wanted in life? Clearly, the Kiwi has gone beyond what is ordinary in his life in order to achieve a goal. In fact, a singular goal that he is willing to sacrifice his existence for. A goal that he clearly feels is his innate right as a bird to have but cannot because he does not have the faculties in which to experience this.

The next question is what has it for us to want something so bad that we are willing to sacrifice our existence in order to have it. Yes, the animation involves a flightless bird who will stop at nothing in order to have the experience of flying. It is just a bird and just an animation. Yet, we human beings kill ourselves regularly in pursuit of the same “innate desires“. Literally, he has sacrificed his life in order to have the experience that he could not have from birth. Yet, he feels strongly enough about this desire to fly that he is willing to kill himself for the experience.

In his pursuit of flight, the kiwi was already dead. His entire life was spent pursuing something that he felt was his innate right of which he was robbed, having been born a kiwi, a flightless bird. Rather than being happy with what he does actually have in life, he focused on his wants so much that he became blind to the fact that he was ultimately going to kill himself.

None of this makes the kiwi, or humans, in pursuit of an innate desire bad or wrong. But it does raise the question for me as to where I am killing myself off in my pursuits of my innate desires. This short film is more than just a cute commentary on a flightless bird. Yes, kiwis are cute. I’ve seen them up close and personal. They are adorable birds. However, this animation (cleverly disguised as a cute film) is a powerful representation of just how insane we can be in our pursuit of our “innate desires”.

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  1. ken

    Great write up Jared! Very well said.

    I too picked up a lot of symbolism when I first watched it, however I didn’t compare the idea to us. We humans are doing exactly what the Kiwi did. Like you mentioned before there’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes we are killing ourselves for something as simple as a basic opportune at something we weren’t designed for.

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