Colts are still undefeated

It was almost seven days ago, but it is still funny to poke fun at the poor performance of the Colts last Sunday. Rather than trying to come up with something witty myself, I’ll just ripoff The Onion:

Colts Claim To Still Be Undefeated: ‘We Beat Ourselves’

November 23, 2006

| Onion Sports

Colts players and coaches informed reporters that their team still
remains undefeated despite their poor showing against the Dallas
Cowboys last Sunday, claiming that the Colts had in fact beaten
themselves with a poor offense and a defense that collapsed in the
latter part of the second half and had, therefore, technically won.
“Let’s get this straight—the only team capable of beating the
Indianapolis Colts is the Indianapolis Colts. And, since we clearly did
so, it follows logically that we’re still undefeated,” said Colts head
coach Tony Dungy during a post-game press conference, adding that he is
pleased that his team is still leading the American Football Conference
by two games. “I have to tell you, it feels good to be 10-0. It might
not have been pretty, but a win’s a win.” Dungy said he has already
told his players to forget about this week’s victory, and stressed that
he was concentrating on making the playoffs and “hardly wasting any
time whatsoever” thinking about staying undefeated.

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