A Depressing Day in Blogging

Today is truly the most depressing day in my blogging career. My favorite blogging service is WordPress. My favorite web browser is Flock. Something changed at WordPress and now the API that Flock was using to interface is no longer functioning with the great Flock browser. It’s not like it is the end of the world or anything, but instead of using my favorite apps and services, I’m using some dinky blog editor 😦 Of course, the blog editor doesn’t work with all my other blogs (livejournal and blogger).

Oh well, at least Flock was smart enough to not store my blog posts in it’s own directory. Instead, they are in a personal folder, so they didn’t get deleted from my laptop when I reinstalled Flock.

On a lighter side. Windows sucks! It’s the suckiest suck to every suck a sucker. Seriously though. Up until yesterday I had never had any problems accessing my wireless internet connection. Last night, in my pit of despair over my blogging problems, Windoze decided to just not connect to my wireless connection any more. $&@^@ Windows sucks!


  1. ken

    im sure an update is en route to remedy those changes.

  1. 1 A good day in blogging!!! « Jared’s Bloggin’

    […] This is an update to my blog from the other day: A Depressing Day in Blogging. As is evident in my latest blog (I’ve sold my soul to the devil), I am able to blog to WordPress with Flock again! What’s great about all of this is that I simply went onto the WordPress.com forum and posted the information necessary for the folks at WordPress to resolve the problem. I know that others supported them with information as well, but I do know that my contribution helped. […]

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