WOW Circuit City has a laptop under $100

I’m not sure if I’m going to fall for this again. My last experience with great price deals @ Circuit City was a total waste of time (see Stiffed at Circuit City).

It’s great, the follow-up from Circuit City on my Consumer Survey??? Nothing. No, “sorry for the false advertising.” No, “sorry for blatantly trying to get you to purchase the more expensive item by advertising a ghost model.” No, “sorry for jacking you around for 30 minutes while we search for our fraud product.”

Sorry, folks. I’d recommend staying away from Circuit City on this deal. However, if you do have a good experience, please feel free to share it, along with pictures. Thanks.

Original story posted on Engadget
Circuit City to sell $100 Compaq laptop on Black Friday

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With all this talk about OLPC‘s mythical $100 laptop, it was only a matter of time before a more established brand-name company tried its hand at pulling off a similar trick without NickNeg and company. CNET reports that Circuit City will be selling a Compaq Presario model on Black Friday (that’s the day after Thanksgiving, or November 24, for you non-Yanks) for $100, sorta. If you agree to get a Vonage subscription for a year and can handle the assorted rebates, then this lappy is yours for a Benjamin. That’s not such a bad deal, considering it comes with a Celeron M 420 CPU, 15-inch screen, DVD and CD burner, 512MB RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Of course this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen rebates drive down computer prices so much — there was the HP setup that we saw over Labor Day, which included a CRT, and a burner for the same price after rebates too — but a laptop is something to take stock of. It’s very tempting, but we’ll wait until the price drops that low organically, sans rebates and subscription plans, thanks.

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  1. ken

    what’s with the horrible looking chick for the simulated image.. is it to imply that black people will be interested in this because they cannot spend anything above $100 for laptop because they’re too busy buying expensive clothing, hats and bleaching their hair?

    i’m not a bigot.

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