Emmitt scores again

Gotta love Emmitt. I was never a big Cowboys fan. Not even much of a fan of the whole state of Texas (I’m sure y’all don’t like California, so it’s mutual :-D). But I always had tremendous appreciation for a gifted athlete and a great sportsman. Emmitt Smith was a powerful running back and is now a powerful dancer! Rock on dude!

It’s always great to see the underdog win too. When Emmitt was helping win Super Bowls, he wasn’t the underdog. In fact, they were always favored by a rather large margin. Plus, I gotta love a guy who doesn’t know how to dance worth a crap just a few weeks ago turning it around. Great job Emmitt!

From E!Online: Emmitt Smith Scores Dancing Touchdown

Emmitt Smith was the MVP of the dance floor this year.

The three-time Super Bowl champion added a mirrored disco ball to his already crowded trophy case Wednesday night, besting “Super Mario” Lopez to win the third season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

“It is awesome! It is awesome!” cried Smith, whose beefy physique belied the twinkle toes lurking beneath the surface. “We came a long way, we really have.”

While Lopez boasted the more technically perfect moves and some unrivaled hip-swiveling action, it was Smith’s seemingly effortless elegance and graceful-yet-masculine poise that made judge Len Goodman call him his “dancing hero.”

“You look like you’ve been doing this all your life,” judge Bruno Tonioli told Smith during Tuesday night’s performance finale, after the NFL leader in career rushing yards trotted out an impressive mambo.

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