Dangerous Office Parties

Alright folks! It’s time for the company holiday party. Well, okay, if you work where I work, it will be rescheduled three times until it is in February. Then people will wonder why you didn’t show up to the party. Jared, where were you? How come you didn’t come to the party? Uh, well, let’s see. The original date worked for me. The second date worked for me. Even the third date worked for me. But I must admit that the fourth date just didn’t fit into my schedule.

Oh! Apparently, there are many other problems that people have with office parties. In particular, lawyers and the folks they represent :-O

Newsvine – Column: Office Parties Can Have Pitfalls

Hey, does anyone still photocopy their butt cheeks at the office party any more?

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  1. ken

    Jared speaks the truth. What ever gets scheduled in December, will inevitably not actually happen till late February.

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