Can you say codependent?

Bobby Knight needs some tough love. That’s right! Fire the jackass. Seriously, I don’t care about how many championships he has won or how many basketball programs he has turned around. I don’t even care about how much money his basketball programs bring into a university. The kind of behavior his continues to display is just messed up:

Texas Tech player defends Knight’s actions. Read about codependency on Wikipedia.

Given that Bobby Knight was removed from his former job because of his improper behavior, Texas Tech (at a University level) should be held accountable for any abuse this guy afflicts upon his players. I honest thought that this type of behavior by a coach had died out in the 90s.

We’ve heard the cliche, “It’s just a game.” Sure, it’s just a game, but still play as though your life depends on it. And make sure you never forget that it is just a game. Unless you are playing on Bobby Knight’s team, your life really does not depend on it. In the meantime, can someone please get Bobby Knight some therapy?

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