What wanders into a mind

When I am sad and blue
Will I reach out to you?

When I am hurt and upset
Will I end up beset
by all my guilt and regret?

When I am lonely and abandoned
Will I take to a stand-in

What will come of all that we have?

What would you do
If all that you knew
Was how to hide,
to slip and to slide
Into detachment and disconnect
Into regret and disrespect?

How would you be
If all you could see
Was lies and unease
with a desire to please?

Was it not you, yes, you
that’s you, I know who
That said that you knew
That you would follow the clue
The one who would take cue
from your love that was true…
Or was it just woohoo

Is it crap? Is it fake?
All these promises we make?
For a relationship to take
to the highest realm of good space

What crap! What lies
that fester inside
Feeding our pride
that we are on the right side

You are right and I am wrong
but your theory of this just does not belong
I have mine own, it’s a beautiful song
where I am right and think I am strong

And so here I sit
staring up from my pit
my teeth I grit
As I think of you

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