Stiffed at Circuit City Part 2: My Consumer Survey

Checkout my blog regarding Circuit City’s possible bait & switch. I’m not much of one for conspiracy theories. Yet, it is terribly coincidental that I sign up for an email notification regarding the Optoma HD70, receive an email “in stock” notification a few days later, visit the store where it is supposed to be in stock, get pitched on the more expensive model, and find out that the item is not actually in stock.

You can ready my original blog here: Stiffed at Circuit City

And the following is the comment I left on their consumer survey that I received with my original purchase receipt:

I am very disappointed with my purchase at Circuit City. The product I was looking for (Optoma HD70) was not in stock, so I signed up for an email notification. I received an email notification stating that the item was now in stock and available at the Valenciastore. When I went to the store, the system showed only one of this particular projector in stock. The person on the floor at the store mentioned that there was another model that was a better model but cost twice as much.

I chose to purchase the original model I came to visit the store for. The customer service representative, David, spent 20 minutes trying to track down this item in inventory. It was nowhere to be found, but there was certainly inventory for the more expensive model. I had him charge back my card.

The following day, I checked circuit again. The item still showed up as being in stock at the Valenciastore. This particular model is receiving excellent reviews at on line review sites regarding home theater projectors. I certainly hope that Circuit City is not using this item to draw people, such as myself, to their stores in order to pitch them on the more expensive model. Given my situation, I am left with that impression.

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