Projector deals

Woot’s got a pretty good deal on a good projector and 76″ screen

Woot : One Day, One Deal

However, Circuit City still has one of the best projects for under $1,000. An Optoma HD70 Home Theater Projector

So I ended up going to CC in Valencia on my lunch break. I go over to the area where they are selling the projectors and ask how many they have in stock for the model listed above. Turns out they only have one in stock, but they were quick to pitch me the newer, more expensive model. The funniest thing about the other model is that it really isn’t much different than the $1,000 model, except the fact that it costs $2,000. It is slightly brighter, which is the part that they tried to pitch me on. It’s not like I’m going to be sitting in the middle of a football field during the summer trying to watch a movie. I’m going to be sitting in a room with windows that have blinds.

My favorite part was when one of the guys tried to tell me that the room needed to be pitch black. LOL I nearly fell over after that one. I’ve had three different projectors in my living room. None of them have been really good quality. They are mediocre at best. All of them have displayed the picture just fine during my movie nights. Oh well, I haven’t purchased the projector yet. I’ll probably go back after work. Knowing how clever the guys were with pitching the unit that cost 2x more, I’m sure the original is still going to be there.

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  1. ken

    That projector is more than adequate for your occasional movie nights. It however might not be enough if it were your primary display device. I wish you could score something for $500 or less, because even at a grand, you’ll only be using it occasionally.

    Unless you change your viewing habits.

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