Running with Scissors

This was a great movie. I’m not sure what was the best part. Was it the pure insanity of the narcissistic mother who projected that behavior on her husband? Was it the conversation regarding the masterbatorium? LOL Yes, a masterbatorium. Was it the fact that this was based upon someone’s actual memoirs? Was it how well they nailed the 70s era clothing, home decor, and hair styles?

There really is not one particular aspect of this movie that really made it enjoyable. What made this movie incredible is how much effort went into the details. There were very few things overlooked in this movie. The story was ridiculously insane, capturing the insanity that Augusten had to experience growing up. The characters were outrageous, providing endless entertainment with each or their idiosyncrasies. The corruption and abuse of the field of psychiatry was well crafted in this movie. Psychiatrist and Psychologists: wonder why the public views your field as quackery? Look no further than Dr. Finch!

If you like movies with excellent actors, a phenomenal balance between drama and comedy (much like our own lives), and high quality dialog, then Running with Scissors is the movie for you. You will hardly notice that time has passed with this eccentric film. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who find the humor the the insanity of deranged people

Sony Pictures – Running with Scissors

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  1. I should check it out should be a good good movie. Love the 70’s man.

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