5th Place at Halloween Swing Thing

Jack & Jill dances are a funny thing. You randomly draw a series of partners through the first two rounds and then the top individual dancers end up making it to the finals, where you draw just one partner. The “best” couple then ends up with first place.

This Friday was great. I’m sitting in traffic @ 5:45PM on my way down to the event in Irvine. I’m at least another hour away. So I call my buddy Brent and ask him to register me since the event is at 7PM but you need to register an hour before the event. He gets everything taken care of. Huge thanks to Brent.

I wasn’t thinking that I was going to do very well. It has been three weeks since the last time I went dancing, and two must since my last competition (which I didn’t even make it into the finals for). This event is bigger than the last event I went to. I had no expections for even making it into the finals. It’s not as if I had some great dances during the prelims or semis.

So I’m sitting in my chair at the event when they start calling out the 5 finalist. My regular shoes are on. I’m certainly not expecting them to call my name at all. The host calls out four men, and I’m not one of them. I figure that there is no way that I’m going to end up being the 5th person. Well, sure enough, #5 is me. I’m rushing to put my dance shoes on. I could hardly believe it.

Now, at this event, they run all their finals as spotlights. A spotlight dance is where you are the only couple on the floor and they stick a couple of spotlights on you while everyone watches. This is my first spotlight, my partner’s (Tara) first major jack & jill, and we are friggin in the novice division. It was so much fun though. We had a great time, made plenty of mistakes; but still had a great time.

My friend Eddie (who I started doing Jack & Jills with earlier this year) and his partner (Deanna) ended up winning the thing! He’s been putting a lot of effort into his West Coast Swing, and it definitely paid off this weekend. Congrats, Eddie!

Anyone looking for a good dance event during the Halloween weekend next year should definitely checkout HALLOWEEN SWINGTHING

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone. Mine has started off great!

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  1. ken

    Wow, 5th place – Congrats!

    That must’ve been a nice burst of excitement to hear your name when you absolutely had no expectation. Maybe next year if you focus on it you can take the #1 position.

    Next time, get someone to record the event so you can share it with us. That would rock!

  2. Huh picked it up on the river card. Sweet
    Ken has a good idea did you have any event video taped cause it can help you in the long run. You would be able to study your moves and practice your mistakes.

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