Transforming live itself

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I honestly believe that there are moments that shape our lives, defining moments you can say. In these moments, we feel a profound shift in our own reality and because of our connection with the world around us, the world (Life) itself begins to transform. For some this shift may be something we are so disconnected from that it occurs to us that life has just happened around us. For others, we are so connected with our universe that we get that we are a cause in the matter of events that take place in this world.

To stand in front of person after person tonight, each facing their own insurmountable circumstances, and generate with them a life that is undeniably real and unrecognizable to them is surreal. To experience the shift in their being when they get that anything they want for their life is possible is unlike any experience in life. It is almost like witnessing birth. And to have love and affinity for a complete stranger simply because they are a human being is the greatest sense of being alive.

I got to experience one of the most extraordinary women in the world this evening. Her past had her as a very successful businesswoman who was recently stricken with fibromyalgia. She lost her job, wealth, and her body has deteriorated rapidly. But her spirit is brighter than the most radiant star. The genesis of her life was this evening. It was the most profound experience to be present while she generated a life filled with possibility as opposed to pain and despair.

It was particularly meaningful for me because I dated a woman for 3 1/2 years who suffered from some sort of unknown ailment with similar symptoms to fibromyalgia. In that relationship, I was an unloving, uncaring, and insensitive prick. Up until this evening, I could only imagine what life must have been like for my ex-girlfriend given my despicably behavior. Tonight I got clear on what it is to be a support for someone who is deeply suffering physically. And in that moment, I also got present to when the exact opposite is present, which is what I provided for my ex-girlfriend. It is amazing what the woman tonight is generating for herself and her life.

And so life has transformed. Not just for this woman tonight, and not just for me. Rather, life has transformed for everyone that each of us touches and inspires. Life has transformed because we are all cause in the matter. I love the assisting I do at Landmark Education, and I love the work the organization is a stand for. We truly can have anything we want for ourselves or our lives.


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