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Actual resignation letter

I kid you not… This is an actual resignation letter that a friend of mine sent our boss today. I have removed the names to protect the innocent:

To further my career, I have taken a position with another company.  This is a letter of resignation effective, immediately. Considering how former employees have been treated recently in regards to money owed, I feel justified with the short notice you have been given.  I’ve simply done what I’ve deemed necessary to protect my own interests.  That said, I am still owed one week’s pay and 1 week’s vacation pay.    My account reps have been contacted and have been passed on to _______ for the show.  I did, however, write the copy which I will email to you and ______.

Professionalism dictates a two week notice as a courtesy. However, with the disrespect with which you treat your employees, I see no need for said courtesy.  You have, on regular occasions, threatened your employees with physical violence such as threatening to slap them, hurt them, kill them, tape their mouths shut and put them in cages. All of which I have documented.  Who the hell do you think you are?  This is America, you can’t talk to people like that!  Just because you pay someone a salary, doesn’t give you the right to to subject them to that sort of abuse.

I came back to your company with the best of intentions.  I was extremely motivated and ready to build your business but after putting up with this sort of assinine behaviour for over a year, I am no longer willing to work in this oppressive environment.

You reap what you sow……


One thought on “Actual resignation letter

  1. Awesome. I love it when people decide to act out against corporate oppression–especially if it is their own job. Who better to stand up to the “big” guys–then the people themselves. I give him credit for being ballsy and standing up for what is right. I wish him luck and a happier place of employment.

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